Ann’s is celebrationg its 31styear! We are here to bring you old fashioned customer service with the knowledge to create a successful and stress free event. We are offering a 15%  discount on all Spring parties (Mar-June equipment only) with a 50% deposit at booking offer expires 3/31/15. Let Ann’s put together a rental and catering package for your next event. Be a guest at your own party!


We have party packages that start at $195.00.

Latest News {updated 4.10.11}

  • Book your spring event (Mar-June) by March 31st receive a 15% discount on your rental equipment (50% deposit is required). Some events to remember St Patricks Day 3/17, Passover 4/4, Easter 4/5, also don’t forget Communions, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs,Swt 16′s, any event Ann’s can make it memorable. Remember ANN’S will match any other offers from any other rental  company as long as the equipment is the same quality and style (With written proposal from competitor).

  • In these rough economic times, everyone wants to get the most out of their money. We tend to shop the cheapest price ignoring service and integrity of the company that may be a little higher in price. My Dad always told me “Rob when a guy is charging cheap there is always a reason, you get what you pay for” and, boy was he right. When you rent from a party rental company isnt it nice to know that they have an office and a real warehouse that you can visit, not some storage unit in a public storage facility? Or if in the middle of the night a terrible storm comes through loosening up and maybe blowing down the tent you have rented for a party the next day its nice to have the owners cell so they can come and fix the problem. At Ann’s we have been servicing our customers for over 30 years. We are fully insured and have an office showroom with warehouse. When you are ready to rent for your next party or event ask yourself is the company established,do they have a physical location, and do they offer referrals? If they cant meet those three requirements you should rethink your choice.

  • 01.25.2015

    Tenting 101

    Over the past 31 years i’ve been asked the same question “Bob whats difference between a tent and a canopy?. The canopy is a lightweight tent used for shade or for a light shower. Where as the pole tent is similar to the canopy in a lot of ways but, the pole tent is stronger against wind and has capability of sidewalls.  Both pole tents, and canopies must be set up in the grass and both should have a 4-5ft clearance around the perimeter of the tent. For example a 20×20 canopy or pole tent needs approximately 28×28 space to fit. Moving on to frame tents. These are a structured tent with a top. The frame tent can be installed on decks,patios, and grass. This is my favorite tent in case anyone cares lol. With the frame tent you can also use sidewalls. So there is the explanation of tenting.  Anymore questions just call the office and we will answer anything else it might be that you are still not clear about.

    • 20×20 Canopy Package                                                                               $350.00
    • 20×20 canopy
    • 4-5ft rd tables
    • 40-brown chairs
    • 4-plastic table cloths (linens add 44.00)
    • For parties of 40 people
    • 20×30 Canopy Package                                                                             $450.00
    • 20×30 canopy
    • 6-5ft rd tables
    • 60-brown chairs
    • 6-plastic table cloths (linens add 66.00)
    • For parties of 60
    • 20×40 Canopy Package                                                                              $600.00
    • 20×40 canopy
    • 8-5ft rd tables
    • 80-brown chairs
    • 8-plastic tablecloths(Linens add 88.00)
    • for parties of 80
    • Umbrella Table Package W/White Linen                                                     $300.00
    • 6-48rd table w/hole
    • 48-brown chairs
    • Same Package w/o Linen                                                                                  $250.00
    • Same Package w/White Chairs and Linen                                                      $340.00

    • We can customize a package that fits your budget just ask one of our
    • party specialists.

    Party Packages do not include NJ 7% Sales Tax, or Delivery Charges.

    Party Packages with catering and  inflatables please call Rob for more info

    Rob’s Cell 908-812-4190